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•编号Style No.: WLR3107
•类型Type :干红Dry Red wine
•葡萄品种Grape Varieties:品丽珠Cabernet Franc
•酒精度Alcoholic Strength :13%vol.
•产区Wine Region:加拿大/尼亚加拉湖边小镇 Niagara-on-the-lake/Canada
•净含量Net Weight: 750ml
•Tasting Notes:
Bold and brash yet revealing a touch of class, like a good Cabernet Franc should. Intense, yet elegant, sensations of ripe forest berry, rhubarb and dark cherry, with a waft of cigar intertwined along black pepper spice flood the senses. The palate brings forth further nuances of dark cocoa, blood plums and a touch of dill. Silky tannins brought about through easygoing maturation in new and old American and French oak barrels, round out the palate beautifully onto the long finish. A pleasure will be found pairing this with something meaty something hot, like braised venison loin, lean elk or wine-infused bison sliders.
•Production Notes:
The Cabernet Franc was harvested late October, 2007 at an average sugar level of 22.9o Bx. 45% of the wine was produced from must fermented in stainless steel tanks with daily remontage for approximately 3 weeks on skins, during which time malolactic fermentation was initiated, prior to pressing. Once transferred to primarily old American and French oak barrels, the wine was matured for 14 months. The remaining 55% of the wine involved the must fermented in open stainless bins with daily pigeage over a period of 3 weeks. Following pressing to old American and French oak barrels for 29 months, malolactic fermentation was undertaken in oak.


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