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•编号Style No.: WLL2105

•类型Type :甜型白冰酒 Sweet White Icewine
•葡萄品种Grape Variety:雷司令 Riesling
•酒精度Alcoholic Strength :11.0%vol.
•产区:加拿大/尼亚加拉湖边小镇Wine Region: Niagara-on-the-lake/Canada
•等级Class: VQA
•净含量Net Weight: 375ml
•含糖量Residual Sugar : 90 g/L
 •Tasting Notes:
A light starw hue in the glass,the on see sudes notes of lemonzest,peach and pear,with a floral undertone.The flavors on the palate mirror the nose with notes candied pineapple,pears in syrup,and limezest.The mouth feel is sofe and lush,but not cloying,as the residual sugars are balanced by plenty of natural acidity.



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